Secrets III

Secrets, Part 3 by Kathy Kexel Kathy knocked it out of the park with the final part of her series, Secrets. Sheltering at a Bed and Breakfast while the mystery continues to unravel, Janelle wonders if she is an innocent victim or a suspect. Click on the teapot below to see how it all turnsContinue reading “Secrets III”

Secrets, II

Secrets, Part 2 by Kathy Kexel The mystery continues today in Part 2 of Secrets. Click the briefcase below to open the story! If you missed the first part you can read it HERE before you dig into this one. The final part is now out as well. Continue reading here.


Secrets, Part 1 by Kathy Kexel Mystery, intrigue, and suspense ooze from Kathy’s story today. This is the perfect distraction from the Covid-19 pandemic. Part 2 will hit the “press” next week, so stay tuned. Click on the refreshing coke below to read today’s Part 1. A continued thank you for reading our free flashContinue reading “Secrets”

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