Just Like Decorations at Christmas

The Years The Locusts Ate by Paul Bennett The last story of our Thanksgiving series is here! Paul never ceases to disappoint with his wistful and poignant stories. My wife says, “grab a kleenex.” Click on the locusts to read. Then come back the week before Christmas for our Christmas series, and if you missContinue reading “Just Like Decorations at Christmas”

Thanksgiving Trauma

Thanksgiving Trauma: A Pilgrim Story by Joseph Courtemanche If you think the fights at your family Thanksgiving are bad, you’ve got to check out Joe Courtemanche’s historical imagining that never made the history books. Keep in mind this is all fiction. Click on the angry pilgrim to read the free story that gets us oneContinue reading “Thanksgiving Trauma”

Best Served Cold

A Thanksgiving to Remember by Derek Elkins Today’s free Thanksgiving story is the kind only Derek Elkins could deliver. No, seriously, only Elkins can pull this kind of story off. If you think this is a sweet Thanksgiving story, think again. Make sure you read until the end. Click on this turkey’s ugly mug toContinue reading “Best Served Cold”

A pie for you, a pie for you, a pie for everyone!

Six People, Six Pies by Jamie Greening Today’s #ThanksgivingTale once again meets around the table with food and deliciousness, but with a nod to the reality we are all facing this year – Covid has taken a seat at the table. May you make the most of this holiday, as you do each year, despiteContinue reading “A pie for you, a pie for you, a pie for everyone!”

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