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Mishael’s Greater Labor

by Derek Elkins Sometimes labor looks like hard work and involves your hands and tools, other times, labor looks like something else entirely. Check out Derek’s story to explain. Again, these are free fiction stories, but you can check our other works on our blogs and our other laborious works.

WWJD: What Would Jimmy (Hoffa) Do?

by Rob Cely Professor Bigham paced the front of his Themes of Western Civilizations class for the last time that year. He tucked his tie into the front of his jacket, knowing he looked more than a little silly. The tie he wore today, printed with flowing script of some of his favorite Latin phrases,Continue reading “WWJD: What Would Jimmy (Hoffa) Do?”

On The Horns Of A Dilemma by Joseph Courtemanche

Joseph had me at “waffle maker.” Check out his FREE Labor Day story right here, right now. Or come back later. Either way, be sure to read. Click here for the STORY or click on the pic. _____________________________________________________________________________

The Labor Day – A Free Fiction Fondue Writer’s Story from Jamie Greening

Jamie brings us our first Labor Day story. Keep coming back this week leading up to next Monday as we provide free fictional stories to keep you entertained. If you are new here, the instructions are to click on the picture to the left to read the story. Enjoy! ___________________________________

Parade Day

By Kathy Kexel Kathy’s story wraps up our Fourth of July short story series with her story, Parade Day. It is a story that reminds you of happy times in a small town filled with family time and children’s joy. Enjoy this last story and come on back for Labor Day. Story Link. _________________________________________

Potato Chip Tyranny

by Rob Cely Potato chips may not seem very patriotic, but free thinking in whatever form it takes remains one of the best ways we can celebrate and even preserve our great nation. “Good morning everyone,” the man in the lab coat said to the gathered group. “My name is Director Rogers, and I wantContinue reading “Potato Chip Tyranny”

The Parade

by Joe Shaw Day two of our Fourth of July series brings us a terrific story from Joe. The Parade is a short story that brings all the feels. Enjoy! Here is the link to his story. _______________________________________

Independence Day

by Paul J. Bennett Today begins our 2022 Fourth of July short story series. To kick us off, Paul, brings us a delightful story about freedom – but it is not what you think. Have a read and enjoy. Here is the link to his story.