Pilgrims, Jesus, Aliens, Oh My!

Kathy Kexel kicks off our new holiday story series just in time for Thanksgiving. Cozy up in a chair and prepare your mind to delve into a story that will take you through time and space and let your mind wander from the new onslaught of covid cases.


Evergreen by Paul J. Bennett The last story in our current Flash Fiction Wednesday series brings us back to more wholesome living as Paul takes us back south with a sweet youthfulness that reminds us of what it is to be young and hopeful.

Glory of the Outcast

by Robert W. Cely, Jr. All the ladies felt it. The moment each one of them stepped into the house, they knew. They knew the way women are able to without exactly knowing how, that something serious was hanging in the air. Of course, none of them said anything. One by one they came in,Continue reading “Glory of the Outcast”

The Crickets Sing

The Crickets Sing by Joseph E Shaw Goodness we love some intrigue in these free stories! We hope you love it too! Click on the singing cricket to enjoy this week’s story by Joe – it will keep you on the edge of your truck seat! Thanks for taking the time to read this story.Continue reading “The Crickets Sing”

What About The Window?

What About The Window? by Joseph Courtemanche The End. Today’s story is our final #CovidChronicle and the man we call JoePrime brings it home for us. Read it. Enjoy it. Then go outside and enjoy the fresh air and be the good that God has called you to be in His world. You know theContinue reading “What About The Window?”

Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness by Derek Elkins Just one more story left after this one. Soak it up while you can. Today Derek begins to drive it home with a fictional tale that teaches as must as it entertains. Click on the picture to go into the light.

The Last Sermon of Daniel Ramone

Reverend Daniel Ramone had a simple plan. He would open up the Church as he usually did on Sunday morning. He would set up the camera to stream live. He would preach that Sunday sermon, as best as he knew how. Then, he would go home and kill himself.It was a long time coming, andContinue reading “The Last Sermon of Daniel Ramone”

New Translation

New Translation by Joe Shaw I don’t want to give it away, so I will just start you with this: when God speaks, listen. Click on the healthy fruits to access Joe’s final story in this Covid Chronicle journey.

As It Is In Heaven: Part 2

As It Is In Heaven: Part 2 by Paul Bennett Paul wraps up his two part series today with a beautifully written story. It is terribly moving. If you have not read part 1 yet, you will want to read that first as it sets up what happens in today’s story. For Part 2 clickContinue reading “As It Is In Heaven: Part 2”

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