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Valentine’s Day Stories 2022

“Valentine’s Day may be a holiday totally invented by greeting card companies, flower shops, and makers of confection but that doesn’t keep the Fondue Writer’s Club from bringing you some witty fiction,” says fellow Fondue Writer Jamie Greening. The next few stories in our collection will center around Valentine’s Day and we hope you enjoyContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Stories 2022”


Evergreen by Paul J. Bennett The last story in our current Flash Fiction Wednesday series brings us back to more wholesome living as Paul takes us back south with a sweet youthfulness that reminds us of what it is to be young and hopeful.

Glory of the Outcast

by Robert W. Cely, Jr. All the ladies felt it. The moment each one of them stepped into the house, they knew. They knew the way women are able to without exactly knowing how, that something serious was hanging in the air. Of course, none of them said anything. One by one they came in,Continue reading “Glory of the Outcast”

This Island Purpose

This Island Purpose by Derek Elkins Another week, another story. We are so excited to be offering these free stories each week, and we hope you are equally excited about reading them! Click on the island to be transported to the tale!

The Crickets Sing

The Crickets Sing by Joseph E Shaw Goodness we love some intrigue in these free stories! We hope you love it too! Click on the singing cricket to enjoy this week’s story by Joe – it will keep you on the edge of your truck seat! Thanks for taking the time to read this story.Continue reading “The Crickets Sing”

New Offerings

Our formerly quarantined authors decided to fire up the ol’ free-short-story-inator once again, and spit out some free fiction for you. This time, however, we’re doing one story per week on Wednesday. Rather than let all the stories overwhelm you like an avalanche, we’re setting up #FreeFlashFictionWednesdays. To check out the books our authors have available,Continue reading “New Offerings”