Santa Claus Is Here

Santa Claus Is Here by Joseph Courtemanche (a.k.a. Santa) Christmas Eve was super busy so I am late posting the last story of our Christmas Anthology. But since the Christmas season is really just beginning, let this story keep the Spirit alive in your heart and mind this day. Click on Joe below to readContinue reading “Santa Claus Is Here”

Hallmark Has Nothing On Us

Of Love and Lunchboxes: A Christmas Story by Paul J. Bennett Christmas really brings out the best in us, which I guess makes sense. Today’s story from Paul is as sweet as the candy canes that mark the season. In Paul’s own words, “Making a difference doesn’t always mean living in the spotlight and havingContinue reading “Hallmark Has Nothing On Us”

The Spirit of Christmas

by Robert Cely As the sun set that day the cold winds of winter began to stir in earnest. Temperatures dropped in the fading light. Snows fell heavy in the places where snow would fall, and fog covered the windows of warm houses. A bite to the air made the people walk faster and stompContinue reading “The Spirit of Christmas”

Charlie Miller Hates Christmas

Charlie Miller Hates Christmas by Joe Shaw If you like Hallmark type Christmas movies then you will really enjoy this story from Joe. It is not his usual style but a delightful detour to something sweet. Click on the grumpy kitty to feel all the feels. And if you like this one, check out ourContinue reading “Charlie Miller Hates Christmas”


Banished by Jamie Greening Yesterday we had strong action, today we have zombies. There is nothing traditional about the stories the Fondue Writer’s Club bring to the table. We hope they bring you a little bit of joy this week as you read these tales that are as different as the whole year of 2020Continue reading “Banished”

Krampus v. Santa: Dawn of Righteousness

Krampus v. Santa: Dawn of Righteousness by Derek Elkins The Fondue Writers’ Club is back with a whole new series. 7 days of short stories leading you to Christmas. Derek kicks us off with a wonderfully exciting story. Click on Santa or Krampus to read what could only have come from mind of Derek

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