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Best Day of My Life

Best Day of My Life by Robert W Cely, Jr.

Day 1 – Today is the best day of my life. I am so excited. I can hardly believe what happened. Just today, I had a little cough. So of course Mom freaks out and takes me to the doctor. But guess what?? I have corona!!!! This is great!!! I am being sent to the basement, to be quarantined for 14 days. It will probably be boring a lot, so I decided to start this journal. But it’s going to be so awesome. We don’t know anyone else with corona. Just me. I feel like a celebrity. All my pages are going to blow up now. I might even get a sponsor from Bang energy or something like those other models. And Justin is being so sweet. He came by as soon as he heard and yelled down the stairs and promised to take me to Melano’s as soon as I get better. Everyone is going to be so jealous. Especially that bitch Mindy! No one is going to care about her stupid flat stomach anymore. Everyone knows she has an eating disorder and implants. This is soooo much better!!!

Day 2 – I’m almost overwhelmed by all the stuff I have to do. So many people are DMing me. It’s like fan mail. I started a vlog about this, to chart my progress though corona. I made my eyes kind of droopy because I don’t feel bad at all. At least not yet. But sooo many people are responding. Even Tiffany who moved across town two years ago wanted to talk to me. She didn’t even like me then, but now she’s telling everyone she knows me. I have to keep posting, but it’s going to be hard to keep thinking of things to say. It’s just me in my basement. Oh well, I’ll think of something.

Day 3 – This is going even better than I expected. It’s like a dream. I’ve never had this many hits on anything I’ve posted. My vlog from yesterday has already had 1,000 views. Agggggh!!! Can you believe it???!!! 1,000 in a single day!!!!! People are getting noticed just because they know me. How crazy is that??? I am starting to feel a little worse though. Hopefully this doesn’t get too bad. But then again, I want it to be kind of bad so people think I’ve been through something. It won’t be anything to just survive a lame virus or something. I don’t want to go to the hospital or anything, but definitely look sick when I post pictures and everything. Haha, I don’t even have to get ready for pics either, because the worse I look, the better. Plus, for sure.

Day 4 – Definitely feeling sick now. Fever got pretty high today. I looked at my post and I definitely look like trash. I’m getting tons of sympathy points. And the coolest thing happened. Kyla got all my friends together, and a whole bunch of other people. They put together this awesome get well video for me. It was sooooo sweet!!! People I didn’t even know were telling me they were hoping I would get through and were pulling for me. I swear, I didn’t expect that!!! But this is really so awesome. And Justin had a super sweet message for me at the end. And he blew me this kiss… agh, I can’t even tell you. It made me cry. And that one is almost at 1,000 views too!!! 

Day 5 – Fever high again and I am feeling sore all over. When will this go away??!!! I am so bored!!!! Friends are still being nice, but I hardly felt like posting. I did a short vid and a few snaps for the story. I just feel like sleeping though. Kyla said there are some riots going on somewhere out west. I hope it doesn’t get too bad.

Day 6 – Everyone is talking about these stupid riots. I mean, I feel bad for the people and everything, and they should totally take it out on those stupid pigs who deserve it, but that is all anyone is talking about today. No one hardly paid any attention to what I posted. Kyla didn’t even snap me back for most of the day. Justin wants to go downtown, says there will be a protest. Ugh!!! I am missing out now. Feeling better, though. Mom thinks the fever peaked. But I still have to be down here for, like, eight more days or something. This sucks!!

Day 7- This is so stupid!!! I am bored!!! Bored!!! Bored!!!! I’m not even sick anymore but they still won’t let me out. I’ve watched everything that Netflix has that’s worth watching. Nothing but old movies and some stupid documentaries. Hardly anyone is looking at my posts. They don’t care about me anymore. No one does. They just want to be a part of these protests. Justin said he threw a brick at the GAP window downtown!! That is crazy!!! I told him to loot me some cool clothes. JK, of course. I hope he doesn’t show that to anyone.  

Day 8 – I hate everything!!! I hate it!!! Everything is stupid!!!! Everything!!! My life, everything!!! Everybody is getting all kinds of attention but me!! Everyone is at the protests, with these epic posts, and I am stuck at home getting over this lame-ass corona. And does anyone care? Not anymore, apparently. I am pacing in this cage. And to make matters worse Justin posts a pic with that skank Mindy!!! They are standing on a police car together!!! She’s leaning all over him like she’s knows him or something!! Ugh!!! I want to punch her in that fake nose. That should have been me. Why has he forgotten me already??!! I hate my life!!!

Day 9 – I am all alone. No one loves me.

Day 10 – I watched an old movie last night. It was in black and white and had these old actors in it I have never heard of. But I looked it up and it’s supposed to be some, like, really epic movie. It was called Casablanca. It was slow at first, but then it got really cool. Rick was really in love with Ilsa, and I thought they were going to end up together. That’s what the movies always do, right? But they didn’t. Rick loved something else more. He believed in something else more. When I was crying at the end, I thought it was because I wanted Rick and Ilsa to stay together. But I think I was crying because there was something about Rick. Something… what’s the word? I don’t know, because I hardly ever see it. Noble, that’s it. It was noble. I think that’s why I was really crying. Seeing Rick give up his happiness for a greater cause, that was noble. I wish we could have more of that.

Day 11 – More black and white movies today. I even watched some documentaries. I didn’t know there were two world wars against the Germans. How crazy is that? And somewhere in the desert in Israel these shepherds found a real old copy of the Bible called the Dead Sea Scrolls. It was actually quite interesting. But the movies were the best. Not all of them were black and white. But most were old. I’m really starting to like them. Spartacus was really cool. It was that noble thing again. Everyone at the end saying, “I am Spartacus.” I had to cry again. Maybe I can start posting about these movies?

Day 12 – I started a book today. The Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens. It was the only one I could find down here. It was confusing when it started out, but I think it’s because it takes place in old times and everything. It got really good, though. I even looked up some documentaries so I could understand it better and everything. It’s about the French Revolution. Haha, kind of like what’s going on here. Except everything has calmed down now, and we aren’t starving to death now like they were then. I never knew people could have it so bad. Or maybe I never knew we had it so good. Kind of puts it in perspective. Our troubles aren’t anything compared to what people suffered before us. What does that make us? Scary thought. I don’t really feel like posting anymore. I snap a few people. Justin is acting weird. I don’t want to think about why. But only a few more days. Then I will be done with this. Finally!!!!!

Day 13 – How come no one ever told me about this book before? This is better than anything I have ever read. It was almost too much. That man allowed himself to get executed so someone else could live. And he kept saying to himself, “I am the resurrection and the life, whoever believes in me, though he dies, yet shall he live.” I had never heard that before. I looked it up. It’s from the Bible too. I don’t think I have ever cried that hard. All these things I’ve been reading and watching lately have people giving up of themselves, even sacrificing their happiness, or even their life, for a greater cause or idea. I guess it’s because it’s old they wrote about stuff like that. I wonder why we don’t write about those things anymore, or make movies like that. It seems like we should. It seems like we’re missing something in the world, missing something in ourselves, by not writing about these noble things, or talking about them, or filming them. I wonder why we ever stopped.

Day 14 – This is the last day. It feels strange. I get to leave the basement tomorrow. I haven’t done any posts at all in at least three days. I snapped a few friends, that’s all. It doesn’t really matter to me anymore. I don’t know. I feel different. Maybe this basement has changed me. But I don’t want to go back to the person I was before. I look back at my posts, at this journal, and I am a little embarrassed. What was I thinking? That to have a lot of likes and follows was going to make me a better person? That all that attention was going to really mean something? Make me more than I was? It wasn’t. And it won’t. If I want to be more than I am I will have to… I don’t know what I will have to do. I need some of that noble stuff. I need to love something more than myself. I need to believe in something more than myself and my happiness and my pitiful little wants in life. I need to… I don’t know, be more, be deeper. Tomorrow we will see how it goes. I don’t want to become the old me again. 

Day 15 – Today is the best day of my life. I never realized what a beautiful place this world is. The backyard is magnificent!! The gardenias are blooming and their scent fills up the whole yard. They were still wet with dew when the sun was rising, and each drop looked like it was placed there on purpose. A cool breeze blew in, like it was cleaning up the whole world. I felt refreshed. Reborn. Like this is the start of something wonderful. I never noticed how majestic something simple like grass, or trees or the blue sky could be. It all blends together so perfectly, so artfully. It was like someone, some great artist designed this all to remind us of what is noble and good in life. Even the sunrise. I feel like it is telling me something. A day reborn. A day made new. Everything, everything around me is made new. Especially me. There is something great out here. I know there is. And I will find it. Or rather, it will find me. That doesn’t make any sense, does it? Maybe. But somehow, I know it is true.


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